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Sprite's workshop

welcome to my website~!!!

self portrait

about me

most people know me as sprite, im an artist & programmer

age: y/o

id: its/itself she/her he/him

gender: female (sometimes male)

more about me!!! profile picture

im sprite!!!!! im a vampire >,..,<

aka; jada, quinn

i loveee object shows, bluey, and south park, mainly cuz of the art

i rlly at drawing, i can program in lua(u) and js... not counting html & css

whats on this site?

i plan on adding tutorials project files onto this site, i even wrote the framework to my blog for the future, but its currently empty.. (its actually full of filler)

leave a message before u go~

ヾ( ˃ᴗ˂ )◞ • *✰

what r u up to?

i have this really really serious (and time consuming) mario game im working on, on roblox

despite what anyone will tell you about roblox, it requires a ton of coding knowlege, which i have, but this is different!!! this is a completely 2d game!! and not a faked 2d (2.5d) game no, real 2d physics n graphics, all being drawn on screen, not in the "world"/workspace

you can find my roblox profile here but you wont find it on my profile, its actually in my group <3, but why? there are multiple reasons for thissss... im sorry

  • my old account was terminated and recovering all my old projects was a pain, this group is owned by a "holder account", basically an account i dont touch
  • FUCK NINTENDO. what?! why??! cause its a fangame, yeah no actually.. this isnt a solid reason.. nevermind actually i cant explain this

weird thing i wantyall 2 see

my skoggy

webmaster's skull dog

id: he/him , age: ~40

gender: male (not at birth)


hes a part of this personal story im making but everyone seems 2 like his design

he doesnt really have a name, ive only ever referred him by mason, because 1 thats kindof the most fitting name becuase it means hardworking or something but i dont really like it but this 1 friend ik like it so thats cool?

put my button on your website!!

sprite's workshop

wip, will b more robust soon i promise!!